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Douglas Johnston

Former submarine commander Douglas Johnston believes that religion is 'the missing dimension of statecraft'. He tells his story to Bob Webb.

Philip Boobbyer

Does doing God's will mean losing your identity, asks Philip Boobbyer.

Richmond, VA skyline

Richmond, VA skyline

Ten years ago, Richmond, Virginia, caught the attention of the USA with its bold public acknowledgement of its painful history -a leading exporter of slaves to southern plantations for more than a century.

The city of Coventry in the English Midlands has had a long and honourable tradition in peace building, since its 14th century cathedral was destroyed in 1940.

Danielle, Zamira climbing

My heart is warmed at the recollection of my crippled hostess ambling off towards town because she had learned that I liked pepper with my potatoes and she had none.

Wadiaa Khoury

Being mistaken for a Muslim started Wadiaa Khoury, a Lebanese Christian, on a journey towards her fellow-countrypeople.

Lesotho hut

Hut in Lesotho - from Wales-Lesotho Link website, only to be used for promotion of this Link

'While we want the link to be of real benefit to Lesotho... we also see the link as necessary for Wales.'

Hugh Williams delights in a book that traces 'Englishness' back to the days before England existed.

Nigel Heywood

I longed for the disciplined clear thinking mind that leads to a simple life. As it's been said: 'Don't just do something. Sit there.'

Johanna Jaulmes-de Boer

Lasting unity and good relations in an expanding Europe depend on us learning both to cherish our own characteristics and to appreciate the positive differences in others.