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Report on the ICF's activities in 2003

The 40-strong team has visited schools, universities and colleges, business and industry, in these two large Indian cities.

The peaceful transfer of power that took place in Kenya a year ago demonstrated that the politics of ethnicity has no place in modern Kenya. We want every African to realize that if we want to clean up our continent, we must start with ourselves.

Michael Henderson joined some forty scientists in making presentations at two conferences on forgiveness in Atlanta in October.

Former London head teacher Hilary Belden applauds the use of the the word "enjoyment" in an official government education document.

Metropolitan Richmond Day breakfast

Six hundred and fifty people crowded the ballroom of the downtown Marriott hotel to celebrate Metropolitan Richmond Day on November 21. “I have great hope for our city because of Hope in the Cities,” said Mayor Rudolph McCollum in welcoming the attendees.

Trust is valuable because it unites two key cornerstones of society: responsibility and love. The decline of the the 'generalized trust' trend line must be reversed.

Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding: A Resource for Innovators is the title of a new book edited by Cynthia Sampson, Mohammed Abu-Nimer, Claudia Liebler and Diana Whitney.

In October, John and Louise Morrison, and Sokha and Sakura Chan visited IC colleagues in Cambodia.

Alexander Kjerulf spoke about happiness in the workplace at the Washington, DC, office of Initiatives of Change on November 6.